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Recruitment for our 2017/18 Committee is now open! To apply, please send a CV and short cover email to outlining your interest in ADF and suitability for your preferred role. Deadline: Wednesday 1st November 2017. The following roles are available:

Logistics Coordinator

Role Description: Responsible for all event logistics including securing the venue and coordinating the layout, organising the technical aspects of the event including sound and audio, booking transport and accommodation for speakers.
Suitability: Ability to multitask, meet deadlines, take initiative, work with a variety of people and keep an eye on the whole task at hand.

Panel Coordinator (x2)

Role Description: Responsible for heading the coordination of the conference’s panels, brainstorming the panel structure and potential candidates, contacting panelists, acting as the main point of contact for these.
Suitability: Good communication skills, ideally should have previous event-organising experience, possess a good knowledge of London’s organizational environment with regards to African developmental initiatives.


Researcher (x2)

Role Description: Responsible for researching and reporting on potential speakers, proposing and developing subjects and themes for discussion.
Suitability: Good research skills, strong oral and written communication skills, should ideally have spent some time in a similar position and / or have a comprehensive knowledge of development-focused academia.

Marketing Coordinator

Role Description: Responsible for the general publicity of the forum, creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy, arranging media partnerships with relevant organisations, liaising and promoting collaboration with various organisations.
Suitability: Creativity, ability to take leadership of a small team, take initiative, strong oral and written communication skills. Previous marketing experience is desirable.

Graphic Designer

Role Description: Responsible for the design of all event promotional material (posters, flyers, programme).
Suitability: Preferable proficiency in Photoshop and InDesign, an artistic eye, ability to work with a small team.

Media & Communications Coordinator

Role Description: Responsible for the overall media and external communications of the conference (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin)
Suitability: Previous experience in managing professional social media accounts, preferably previous experience in a journalistic capacity, and proficiency in Buffer and Mailchimp.

Finance Coordinator

Role Description: Responsible for creating and managing budgets, overseeing the securing of funding through sponsorship and fundraising, managing the student union budget and accounts.
Suitability: Strong numerical skills, experience with finance coordination, proficiency with Microsoft Excel.

Fundraising Coordinator

Role Description: Responsible for brainstorming fundraising strategies, coordinating volunteers to implement fundraising events, and liaising with SOAS alumni to set up crowdfunding platforms.
Suitability: Previous fundraising experience, creativity, strong communication skills, ability to lead a small team.

Sponsorships Coordinator

Role Description: Responsible for researching and approaching trusts, foundations and other organisations for sponsorships and grants, completing sponsorship applications, securing funds.
Suitability: Good written and oral communication skills, strong negotiation skills, preferably previous sponsorship acquisition experience.